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Food Basics

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Food Basics
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Freezing Fresh Herbs

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Recipe for Italian Spinach Pie
Posted by admin
0 replies
10:25 AM, Jun-24-14
Recipe's for managing blood sugar
Posted by rLightning
0 replies
10:24 AM, Jun-24-14
What to feed my guy???
Posted by Carol
0 replies
11:40 AM, Feb-23-09
What are some good eating tips?????Please Help
Posted by GrandDaughter
4 replies
10:24 PM, May-03-08
Low carb snacks
Posted by jemmy12
1 replies
06:38 AM, Dec-03-12
Carb Friendly Tips
Posted by Filus
7 replies
06:33 AM, Dec-03-12
Natural sweetener
Posted by jemmy12
2 replies
09:47 PM, May-30-14
Eating Habits in The United States: 13 Interesting Facts
Posted by admin
0 replies
11:16 PM, Feb-12-14

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Latest Articles:

Learn How to Make Smart Protein Choices When Meal Planning for Diabetes

Learn How to Make Smart Protein Choices When Meal Planning for Diabetes
Learn how to make smart choices with protein foods, how to vary your protein choices, what to look for on the food label and more.

An Earthy and Delicious Spring Vegetable Recipe

An Earthy and Delicious Spring Vegetable Recipe
You'll find fresh sugar snap peas at the grocery store, farmer's markets and roadside stands during spring and early summer. This Sesame Sugar Snap Peas dish is earthy and delicious.

Make Perfect Hard-boiled Eggs

Make Perfect Hard-boiled Eggs
Chef Jeffrey Saad, eggspert and Cooking Channel host, shares his advice on how to properly hard-boil eggs for Easter or any time of the year (video lesson included).

Quick Italian Chicken with Roasted Peppers
The wonderfully rich scent of roasted peppers, combined with tomatoes and garlic, make this week's recipe aromatic, tasty and healthy.

10 Secrets for Sensational Summer Beef Grilling
Whether you're a seasoned griller or not, these tips will help make sure you deliver safe, delicious grilled beef to your family and friends.

Eggs Can Be Eggsellent
Puns may be the lowest form of humor, but eggs can be an excellent source of important nutrients and health-protective substances. Includes recipe for Tomato Egg Nests with Spinach Bruschetta.

Marinated Artichokes Fit For a Star
If you have only experienced bottled or canned artichokes, you must try the fresh version at least once. Understanding that you may hesitate to wrestle with fresh artichokes, we've created directions that simplify trimming away their tough outer leaves and spiky tips. Includes recipe for Marinated Artichokes.

Citrus Zest Made Simple
Walk into a room after someone has peeled an orange, and the fragrance is positively uplifting. This instant aromatherapy comes from essential oils in the zest.

Savoring the Slow-Cooked Meal
Braising is one-pot cooking that is tenderizing, aromatic, incredibly flavorful and easy. Includes recipe for Indian-Style Braised Chicken.

Transforming Fennel
Once an ethnic and seasonal ingredient found only at Italian greengrocers from September to May, fennel now appears in many supermarkets through most of the year. Includes recipe for Chicken with Fennel and Red Peppers.

Multi-Cultural Cooking With Beans
Once an ethnic and seasonal ingredient found only at Italian greengrocers from September to May, fennel now appears in many supermarkets through most of the year. Includes recipe for Chicken with Fennel and Red Peppers.

Fast Food Density In Poor And Black Neighborhoods May Contribute To Obesity Epidemic
The number of fast food outlets in poor and black neighborhoods may play a role in the obesity epidemic among residents of these areas, suggest the results of a geographical survey.

Making the Most of Mushrooms
As fall moves in, mushrooms find their way into more dishes. Their earthy flavor complements the heartier fare of autumn. Includes recipe for Mushroom Medley with Spinach.

The Magic Of Marinades
While they're used year round, marinades are especially popular in the summer because they enhance the tenderness as well as the taste of meats. Includes recipe for Classic Marinade.

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