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Recipe for Italian Spinach Pie
Posted by admin
0 replies
10:25 AM, Jun-24-14
Recipe's for managing blood sugar
Posted by rLightning
0 replies
10:24 AM, Jun-24-14
What to feed my guy???
Posted by Carol
0 replies
11:40 AM, Feb-23-09
What are some good eating tips?????Please Help
Posted by GrandDaughter
4 replies
10:24 PM, May-03-08
Low carb snacks
Posted by jemmy12
1 replies
06:38 AM, Dec-03-12
Carb Friendly Tips
Posted by Filus
7 replies
06:33 AM, Dec-03-12
Natural sweetener
Posted by jemmy12
2 replies
09:47 PM, May-30-14
Eating Habits in The United States: 13 Interesting Facts
Posted by admin
0 replies
11:16 PM, Feb-12-14

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Latest Articles:

Chicken Nuggets: Good Intentions Gone Bad?
If white meat is a healthier choice than red meat, many consumers wonder, "Does that include chicken nuggets?" Are they really a better fast-food choice than burgers?

Children and Milk
Some people seem to interpret the results of a new study incorrectly by suggesting that milk drinking drives the problem of overweight among American children. A closer look at the results affirms a weight-control message long-given to adults.

How Much Do We Know About Antioxidants?
It's common knowledge that antioxidants protect us from dangerous substances called free radicals that can create damage leading to many chronic diseases. The various kinds of antioxidants are now believed to work in different parts of the body.

A Marriage Made in Health Heaven
Tomatoes and broccoli are one of today's hot couples in the diet and nutrition world. This broccoli-tomato salad is a nice winter vegetable, pleasing to the eye and good for the body.

Trans Fat on the Label
In January 2006, food companies will be legally required to list how much trans fat is in their products. But many companies are starting early. In fact, besides listing trans fat content, some companies are revising products so that the contents are more acceptable to concerned consumers.

The Soft Drink Explosion Among Kids
The consumption of soft drinks by American youth is increasing. National dietary surveys show that carbonated soft drink consumption more than doubled in youths aged 6 to 17.

Americans Eat Too Few Omega-3 Fats
Although many Americans have cut back on fat, two kinds of fat remain out of balance in the typical diet. There is too much of omega-6 fats and too little of omega-3 fats. Includes recipe for Omega-3 Salad.

The Best Way to Get Antioxidants
Nutrition researchers continue to discover how antioxidants protect our health. These substances stop, and sometimes even repair, damage to cells that can occur from highly reactive molecules.

Whole Grains Grow in Importance
Whole grains have captured the attention of Americans like never before. One reason may be because a few popular weight loss diets, South Beach Diet in particular, direct dieters to replace refined grain products with whole-grain ones.

The Egg's Image Gets A Boost
Eggs have been fighting an uphill battle for years against their image as cholesterol bombs. But in recent years, several studies have shown that egg consumption does not necessarily raise blood cholesterol or increase risk of heart disease. Includes recipe for Spinach and Red Pepper Crustless Quiche.

Larger Avocado Serving Recommended For Those With Diabetes
Diabetes dietary guidelines were recently changed. The newly revised Exchange Lists for Meal Planning is published by the American Diabetes Association and American Dietetic Association.

Avocados Recommended in Latest Diabetes Guidelines
The latest guidelines issued by the American Diabetes Association emphasize a diet rich in monounsaturated fat for improved diabetes control.

Low-Carb Confusion
Hundreds of newly available low-carb foods are actually making weight loss more difficult. Donít let food package claims deceive you - a 2 gram carb protein bar could have 240 calories.

I Have Diabetes: What Should I Eat?
You can help control your blood sugar, also called blood glucose, and diabetes when you eat healthy, get enough exercise, and stay at a healthy weight. Find out more about eating and diabetes.

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Home : Food and Dining : Nutrition : Page 2

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