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Child Care May Be Hazardous To Grandma's Health
About one in seven American women have raised a grandchild for six months or more, but grandmothers who provide care for even a few hours a day may be at increased risk for heart attacks.

On the Horizon of Glucose Monitoring: A Review
Doctors recommend that diabetics who take insulin check their blood glucose levels four times a day. But piercing a nerve-rich fingertip and squeezing out a drop of blood onto a test strip is painful, and often deters people from checking any more than just once.

Patients Consider Dropping Doctors Who Are Poor Communicators
Good communication is the most important consideration for building patients' trust in their physician. Overall, 12 percent of patients said they had considered changing doctors because of poor communication.

Obesity, Lifestyle and Your Patients With Diabetes
New information supports the significant benefits of incorporating physical activity, behavior and use of medication into the treatment of obesity.

Guiding Principles for Diabetes Care: For People with Diabetes
The Guiding Principles for Diabetes Care are written for people with diabetes, their families, health care providers, and those who pay for health care.

Where Diabetic Patients With Chest Pains Should Be Treated
Diabetic patients with chest pain who have more than one other common risk factor for heart attack should be considered for direct admission for a complete cardiac work-up, bypassing a period of Chest Pain Unit (CPU) observation, according to a new analysis by Duke University Medical Center researchers.

A Call for Increased Detection: Undiagnosed Diabetes and Related Eye Disease in Mexican-Americans
A research study of the Mexican-American population over age 40 found that the rate of diabetes in this group is 20 percent - almost twice that of non-Hispanic Whites - and that 15 percent of those with diabetes did not know that they had the disease before their participation in the study.

Kids In Your Care With Diabetes
Information for people who care for kids with diabetes, such as teachers, childcare workers, coaches etc..

Tips for Talking to Your Doctor
Today, patients take an active role in their health care. You and your doctor will work in partnership to achieve your best possible level of health. An important part of this relationship is good communication. Here are some questions you can ask your doctor to get your discussion started.

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Home : Healthy Living : For Caregivers : Page 2
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