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Juvenile Diabetes

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Juvenile Diabetes
Newswire: September 03, 2014

Study: Technique May Restore Ability to Produce Insulin for Type 1 Diabetics

New Causes of Diabetes Discovered

New Procedure Offers Improved Outcomes for Type 1 Diabetic Patients

Type 1 Diabetes Drug Very Effective in Trial

Urgent Recall of Nova Max Blood Glucose Test Strips

Eating Certain Foods May Help Kids with Type 1 Diabetes Produce Insulin

Adding Certain Foods to Diets of Type 1 Diabetic Children Helped Produce Insulin

Risk of Diabetes Doubled for Infants Starting Solid Food Before 4 Months Old

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Keeping Christmas Sweet for Diabetic Kids

Keeping Christmas Sweet for Diabetic Kids
For children living with diabetes, overindulging on the delicacies of the holiday season could result in more than a stomach ache -- it could mean a trip to the emergency room.

Diabetes Disaster Preparedness Patient Information

Diabetes Disaster Preparedness Patient Information
As a person with diabetes, your daily routine involves schedules and planning. An emergency can seriously affect your health. It may be difficult to cope with a disaster when it occurs. You and your family should plan and prepare beforehand even if the event is loss of electricity for a few hours.

Information Regarding Insulin Storage and Switching Between Products in an Emergency

Information Regarding Insulin Storage and Switching Between Products in an Emergency
Insulin from various manufacturers is often made available to patients in an emergency and may be different from a patient's usual insulin.

Help Your Teen Deal with the Ups & Downs of Diabetes
Teens with diabetes and their families often face unique challenges. Bad feelings are normal every now and then. But in order to feel better, teens need to learn to take charge of their diabetes and families can help.

Preschool Kids Know What They Like: Salt, Sugar and Fat
A child's taste preferences begin at home and most often involve salt, sugar and fat. And, researchers say, young kids learn quickly what brands deliver the goods.

7 Ways for Kids to Have a Slimmer Summer
This may be the first generation of kids who do not outlive their parents because of health problems related to childhood obesity. But parents can take action now to help prevent the early onset of these diseases.

Children Are Happy With Toys or Candy at Halloween

Children Are Happy With Toys or Candy at Halloween
Children are just as likely to choose a small toy as candy when offered both on Halloween, according to a Yale study.

Endocrinology and Type 1 Diabetes
Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease, in which the body's white blood cells kill the islet cells that make insulin in the pancreas. Endocrinologists treat diabetes with diet and medications, which may include insulin.

The Challenge of Halloween

The Challenge of Halloween
Kids with diabetes face a challenge on Halloween: what to do with all the candy. While their friends are busy consuming their trick-or-treat booty, kids with diabetes must be more careful.

Kids In Your Care With Diabetes
Information for people who care for kids with diabetes, such as teachers, childcare workers, coaches etc..

Overcoming Juvenile Diabetes With A Little Planning And High-Tech Tools
There is much to learn after a diabetes diagnosis, particularly how important it is to take insulin regularly, eat a proper diet, and monitor blood sugar levels. This means being more responsible for your well-being than most teenagers.

Diabetic Children and Diet
The goal of any dietary plan is to maintain levels of glucose in the blood. Therefore, foods rich in simple sugars - candy, cookies, sugary snacks and non-diet sodas - must be limited. A healthful, varied diet rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables is the best way of ensuring overall health for your child.

5 Tips for Parents with Overweight Children
People may find it hard to believe that children need a diet and fitness plan. It's a common misconception that growing kids can eat anything and will stay healthy because they naturally enjoy running around and being active.

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