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Honest book ratings by readers are very helpful to other readers and we appreciate your taking the time to provide your rating of the following book:

Book Cover Image for Light and Easy Diabetes Cuisine

Light and Easy Diabetes Cuisine
Author(s): Betty Marks
Description From Book: Betty Marks' recipes eliminate foods that pose problems for diabetics, while satisfying the whole family at mealtime. The book features delicious dishes using fresh ingredients, most taking 30 minutes or less to prepare. An analysis of nutrients for each recipe is also included.
Current Reader Rating: Not Yet Rated
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Please help maintain the integrity of our book ratings system by:

  1. only rating books that you have actually read and/or used

  2. not allowing your personal opinions to interfere with your rating (ie: submitting a bad rating for a book that includes beef recipes because you oppose eating meat)

  3. only submitting a star rating once for any single book

To submit your book rating, simply select the circle beside the description below that you feel best describes this book and click the "Submit Book Rating" button.

The Worst

Terrible Book. Avoid at all costs.
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The Best Fantastic Book. Highly recommend. Definitely buy it.

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