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CandyS Liquid Sucralose Sweetener

Video interview about CandyS Liquid Sweetener, a calorie free, diabetic friendly sweetener made from Sucralose.

Source: CandyS Drops

CandyS is a liquid sweetener containing sucralose, packed in a dropper bottle. Here is some information from the makers of CandyS.

  • It is remarkably more sweetening than Aspartame and Sacharin
  • It is exceptionally stable even if used under conditions of high temperature (pasteurization or cooking) and can be used in any type of drinks and food
  • It is non-carcinogenic
  • Sucralose is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), World Health Organization (WHO), by the United Nations for the Food and Agriculture (FAO).
  • It can be used without restrictions with total safety even by pregnant or nursing women
  • CandyS is preservative free!
  • CandyS is packed in a convenient sterile dropper bottle for portability (Fits nicely in pant pockets, purser etc) while maintaining stability/quality.
  • CandyS is a diet sugar recommended for the diabetics and for overweight and people on diets
  • CandyS is an ideal solution for reduction of sugar consumption while keeping the quality sweet taste of favorite dishes (tea, coffee, fruit juice, jam, cakes, etc.)
  • One bottle of CandyS contains 200 drops with suggested usage of one to two drops for a coffee/tea and a two year shelf life.

You can find recipes, information, online ordering, a special free shipping offer and more at the CandyS website.


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