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Medical Guardian

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Medical Guardian

A system designed to contact emergency help for the elderly, the Medical Guardian medical alert system has helped provide independence and safety for thousands of older Americans for over three decades.

Using a medical alert pendant and a home base station, the Medical Guardian system offers 24 hour a day, 7 days per week monitoring.

In the event of a debilitating fall, stroke, heart attack, fire, or home break-in, the button on the medical device can be pushed – alerting the monitoring center of an emergency.

Through a two-way radio in the device, the trained and certified emergency responders communicate with the one in need. Either dispatching local police, fire, or ambulance services, or contacting friends or family, the responder will get immediate help for the injured senior.

Is Medical Guardian Right for You?

Studies have found that one-third of those 65 and older will suffer at least one dangerous fall. Left alone and injured, a fall can be a very serious medical emergency. The longer one is left unattended, the greater the chance of permanent injuries. It might even become a life-threatening situation.

A medical alert system may be right for you if:

  • You have a chronic health condition, like diabetes, or take daily medications.
  • You have fallen, been hospitalized, or visited the emergency room in the past year.
  • You are alone for several hours during the day or night.
  • You require assistance when bathing, dressing, or preparing meals.
  • You use a cane, wheelchair, walker, or other device for assistance with balance or walking.

For Complete Information, visit:
Medical Guardian Website

The Medical Guardian Medical Alarm for Seniors is a great way to stay living independently in your own home. Our easy-to-use Medical Alarm Button is waterproof and can be worn in the shower or tub. To summon help, the Medical Alarm Service can dial your family/friends or Emergency Personnel.

Interested in purchasing a Medical Guardian medical alert device? Visit our website for a breakdown the benefits of each product to help you figure out which system will work best for you!

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