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Popular Recipes for Diabetics

These are the most popular diabetic recipes at Diabetic Gourmet Magazine, updated weekly based on reader reviews.

Bittersweet Chocolate Torte
Rating: 5.00, 5 Votes

Chocolate Cake
Rating: 3.52, 25 Votes

Apple Cinnamon Muffins
Rating: 4.30, 44 Votes

Applesauce Brownies
Rating: 3.60, 15 Votes

Apple Pie Dessert
Rating: 3.26, 12 Votes

Chocolate Cheesecake
Rating: 3.57, 7 Votes

Baked Chicken Parmesan
Rating: 3.82, 17 Votes

Almond Biscotti
Rating: 4.15, 25 Votes

Patriotic Strawberry Clouds
Rating: 4.00, 4 Votes

Chocolate Almond Meringues
Rating: 4.83, 17 Votes

Not So Guilty Brownies
Rating: 4.00, 14 Votes

Almost Shortbread Cookies
Rating: 1.83, 6 Votes

Baked Cajun Chicken
Rating: 3.84, 12 Votes

Blueberry Torte Dessert
Rating: 4.00, 4 Votes

Diabetic Sunshine Orange Cake
Rating: 3.41, 12 Votes

Angel Pecan Cupcakes
Rating: 4.00, 1 Votes

15-Minute Chili
Rating: 3.75, 4 Votes

Unbelievable Chocolate Kahlua Cake
Rating: 4.48, 31 Votes

Cinnamon Apple Coffee Cake
Rating: 4.67, 9 Votes

Asian Chicken and Slaw
Rating: 4.80, 10 Votes

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