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Playmobil Hospital and Health-Related Toys

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Hospital and physician visits can be frightening. The Playmobil Hospital is an excellent toy, as well as an excellent tool, for helping children understand, accept and become comfortable with a medical/hospital setting.

This is a wonderful toy for any child, but especially for a child living with diabetes (or any disability or disease). It is also an intelligent toy for a child with a parent, family member, or friend who requires medical care - such as a family member with diabetes.

The highly detailed and exceptionally furnished Playmobil Hospital brings the constant hustle and bustle of a working hospital into kids' homes so they can work their medical magic.

Original Hospital:

New Hospital Released in 2016. Name: PLAYMOBIL Furnished Children's Hospital Playset (below)

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The ultimate set for doctors in training, the original Playmobil Hospital features a myriad of details with which kids can explore and play, such as a reception area, a children's wing, a baby section, an equipped operating room, a cozy patient room, a working elevator with room to fit a patient bed, and many, many more accessories.

Each room of the Playmobil Hospital [1] has functional and movable furniture to better take care of patients, as well as a friendly, knowledgeable staff that cater to patients' needs and a clown to cheer up patients.

With great details like a patient bed on wheels and an adjustable operating table with overhead lights that tilt, the Playmobil Hospital [1] is the high-tech hospital that leads to healthy imaginative play.

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So whether kids are checking in patients, working in the operating room, making rounds in the children's wing, or taking care of babies, the Playmobil Hospital [1] has everything you need to care for ailing patients



There is also an extensive collection of accessories and add-ons that include everything from an ambulance to a well-stocked hospital room. Here are just a few of the available accessories:

Playmobil 7921 Hospital Ward

Playmobil Doctor with Incubator

Playmobil Operating Room


Playmobil Wheelchair with Patient

Child with Wheelchair (new) [4] - Original: Playmobil Child with Wheelchair (4407)

Playmobil Ambulance

New Version Available: PLAYMOBIL Rescue Ambulance [5]

Playmobil Medical Helicopter

Playmobil Emergency Vehicle

New: PLAYMOBIL Dentist with Patient Playset [6]
Original: Playmobil Dentist`s Office

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