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Turkey Purchasing Pointers

Roast Turkey - Guide to Perfectly Roasted Turkey

Whether purchasing a fresh or frozen turkey, consumers can be confident they are buying a quality product. The decision of which to purchase is based on personal preference in price and convenience.

Oven-ready fresh and frozen birds are tucked into snug, air and water resistant plastic wraps immediately following processing. Air is removed as bags are sealed and shrunk so they fit the turkey almost as tightly as its own skin.

Frozen turkeys are flash frozen immediately after processing to 0 degrees or below and held at that temperature until packaged. The meat, once defrosted, is virtually at the same freshness as the day it was processed.

Fresh turkeys are deep chilled after packaging. They have a shorter shelf life and are, therefore, usually more expensive.

Whether you buy a fresh or frozen turkey, proper cooking and handling of the bird will ensure a delicious holiday meal.

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Frozen Turkey:

Fresh Turkey:

Hard Chilled/Previously Hard Chilled Turkey:

Other Tips For Purchasing and Preparing Turkey:

Source: National Turkey Federation