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    It’s a common scene in many clinics! We almost have a myopic view of how diabetes is treated. Patient walks in with symptoms, doctor orders diagnostic tests and diagnosis is confirmed. Patient is then given a prescription and a cold shoulder!

    Meanwhile, the patient wrestles with many unresolved issues. The disbelief of being diagnosed, lack of awareness of the disease condition, and the lack of knowledge on how to control sugar levels are just some of the issues.

    *See below for Eat, Pray, and Love way of managing your Diabetes.

    More often than not, the patient is just given a diet chart for diabetic patients, and given some literature on the basic dos and don’ts. However, it is a fact that diabetes is a demanding condition and it needs to be addressed with a multidimensional approach.

    This is because relying on medications alone cannot bring about the targets of the treatment- reaching target HbA1c levels, fasting and postprandial glucose levels, and controlling cholesterol levels.

    Reaching the target levels in these major parameters is vital to avoid dangerous complications of diabetes like eye disease, end-stage kidney disease, and cardiovascular diseases.
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