Found: Four Hours a Week for a Healthier Lifestyle

The Nielsen Media Research report from Fall 2006 shows that the average American spends 4 hours and 35 minutes watching television per day. So the average viewer is watching 40 minutes of commercials a day or more than four-and-a-half hours weekly.


Salt in Children’s Diets: Are You Part of the Problem?

Ten common types of foods contributed more than 40% of the sodium eaten by children. Have you been serving high-sodum foods without even realizing it? Find out where the salt is coming from, who it’s affecting most, and what you can do to cut back on it.


Let Him Eat Steak! Great Steak Recipes for Father’s Day

It’s a fact. Dads love steak. Many people incorrectly assume that lean cuts of beef aren’t flavorful or juicy, but many of America’s favorite cuts are lean. Give Dad what he really wants with these flavorful recipes, perfect for the grill.


From Venice, A Feast For The Holidays

Despite the influence of American fast food that has spread across the globe, Italian cooking remains distinctively national as well as regional. Includes recipe for Venetian Fish Stew.


All You Can Eat: The Trouble with Buffets

The next time you’re overcome by the temptations of an overflowing buffet table, you can attribute at least a part of your overindulgence to natural instinct. But how do you approach a buffet table and not over-indulge?


Ham How-To: Essentials for Easy, Elegant Easter Ham

Along with pastel-colored eggs and baskets of goodies, Easter in America has always meant ham. But aside from upholding tradition, there are other reasons for making ham the centerpiece of your holiday table.


Asparagus Spring Fever

In spring a food lover’s fancy turns to thoughts of asparagus. Includes recipe for Asparagus With Red Pepper Sauce.


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