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Alan Rubin

American Diabetes Association

American Dietetic Association

American Heart Association

American Institute for Cancer Research

Ann Coulston

Anne Daly

Art Ginsburg

Arthur Agatston

Azmina Govindji

Barbara Forsberg

Barbara Toohey

Better Homes and Gardens

Betty Marks

Betty Page Brackenridge

Carol Fenster

Catherine Feste

Charlotte Hayes

Chris Day

Chris Smith

Christopher Saudek

Clara Schneider

Coleen Howard

Connie Crawley

Dana Jacobi

David Marrero

Davida Kruger

Dee Brock

Diabetic Gourmet Magazine

Donna Rice

Douglas Cairns

E Michael Goodkind

Elena Kapelonis

Elizabeth Hiser

Emily Cale

Ernest Lowe

Fabiola Demps Gaines

Family Circle

Gary Arsham

Gerald Miletello

Good Housekeeping

Graham Kerr

Hale Sofia Schatz

Holly Clegg

Hope Warshaw

Ian Blumer

Jackie Boucher

Jane Stephenson

Janette Kirkham

Janis Roszler

Jennie Brand-Miller

Jerry Edelwich

Jessica Porter

Jo Ann Hattner

Joan Clark

Joyce Green Pastors

Joyce Hendley

Judith Wylie-Rosett

June Biermann

Karen Bolderman

Katherine Younker

Kathleen Stanley

Kathy Everleth

Kaye Foster-Powell

Kimberly Mayone

Kitty Broihier

Leslie Dawson

Leslie Hammond

Linda Coffee

Linda Delahanty

Linda Gassenheimer

Linda Resnik

Lucy Beale

Lynne Marie Rominger

Maggie Powers

Marcia Hayes

Marilynn Arnold

Marion Franz

Mary Abbott Hess

Mary Goodbody

Meredith Books

Michael Ogden

Nancy Baggett

Nancy Hughes

Nava Atlas

Norene Gilletz

Patti Geil

Patti Lynch

Paula Ford-Martin

Phyllis Pellman Good

Rachel Rudel

Richard Bernstein

Richard Rubin

Robyn Webb

Ronald Feinberg

Roniece Weaver

Ruth Glick

Sandra Woodruff

Sheri Colberg

Stefan Rubin

Stephen Colagiuri

Steve Kapelonis

Sue Spitler

Susan Milstrey Wells

Suzi Castle

Tami Ross

Theresa Willingham

Thomas Wolever

Treena Kerr

Victoria Peurrung

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