Diabetic Gourmet Magazine offers premium advertising opportunities for brands trying to reach an audience of people living with diabetes. We provide an audience of people highly motivated to find low-carb and sugar-free foods, diabetes health-related products, and diabetes-related services. Advertising Options Include:

  • Email advertising
  • Banner / Display advertising
  • Magazine Sponsorships
  • Giveaway / Contest Sponsorships
  • Ad Packages / Bundles

For complete advertising information, including specific ad products, packages and sponsorship opportunities, please contact our advertising coordinator using the form below.

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About Diabetic Gourmet Magazine Diabetic Gourmet Magazine has been a daily resource to millions of readers across the country and around the world. Our readers trust us to provide them with the most authoritative content, news and information through our website and exclusive e-mail newsletters and dispatches. The combination of award-winning content and a targeted audience of readers creates a powerful, cost-effective tool for premium brands interested in reaching people expressly interested in diabetes and diabetes-related health issues, such as heart disease, healthful cooking, healthcare, obesity, high blood pressure, neuropathy and eye disease.

Some of our Available Advertising Types

  • Magazine Sponsorships (bundled, exclusive placements)
  • Contest Sponsorship with Lead Generation
  • Email Advertising (multiple titles)
  • Medium Rectangle Banner, 300x250-pixels
  • Leaderboard Banner, 728x90-pixels
  • Wide Skyscraper Banner, 160x600-pixels
  • Half-Page Banner, 300x600-pixels
  • Text Links
  • Ad packages and bundles are also available


  • people living with diabetes
  • diabetes caregivers
  • parents, spouses of diabetics
  • health conscious consumers seeking healthier recipes and healthy cooking tips
  • food and cooking enthusiasts
  • overweight people and/or people with weight related health issues
  • 71% of readers have diabetes
  • 22% of readers have a family member living with diabetes
  • 6% of readers are diabetes caregivers
  • 71% of readers are married
  • 80% of readers are female
  • 59% of readers are are 45+ years old
  • Average HHI is $89,000
  • 82% of our readers access the net from home


  • highly targeted, responsive audience
  • build brand awareness
  • wide range of ad types available
  • Highly competitive, cost-effective rates
  • quantity discounts available
  • expand your customer base
  • build your mailing lists
  • great for announcing new products
  • build brand buzz and brand loyalty
  • great for promoting coupon downloads
  • 15% discount for certified 501(c)(3) organizations).

We work with clients of all sizes, from small business owners to the biggest ad agencies in the world. If you’re interested in reaching our audience, then take a minute to reach out to us. We would love to hear from you.