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Diabetes and Pregnancy

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Diabetes and Pregnancy

Diabetes and Pregnancy

Diabetes and Pregnancy

Women with diabetes can have healthy babies, but it takes planning ahead and effort. Pregnancy can make both high and low blood glucose levels happen more often. It can make diabetic eye disease and diabetic kidney disease worse. High glucose levels during pregnancy are dangerous for the baby, too.

Once you are diagnosed as having gestational diabetes, you and your health care providers will want to know more about your day-to-day blood sugar levels.

A nutritionally balanced diet is always essential to maintaining a healthy mother and successful pregnancy. For a woman with gestational diabetes proper diet alone often keeps blood sugar levels in the normal range and is generally the first step to follow before resorting to insulin injections.

Women and their families have many questions about gestational diabetes, and this section features articles, stories, and advice that can help.

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Introduction to Gestational Diabetes

Approximately 3 to 5 percent of all pregnant women in the United States are diagnosed as having gestational diabetes. These women and their families have many questions about this disorder. Some of the most frequently asked questions are: What is gestational diabetes and how did I get it?

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