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For Diabetes Caregivers

Salt in Children’s Diets: Are You Part of the Problem?

Ten common types of foods contributed more than 40% of the sodium eaten by children. Have you been serving high-sodum foods without even realizing it? Find out where the salt is coming from, who it's affecting most, and what you can do to cut back on it.

For Diabetes Caregivers

According to Guiding Principles for Diabetes Care: For People with Diabetes, people with diabetes should always receive high-quality care on an ongoing basis to ensure that they are taking good care of their diabetes, and to make changes to their treatment plan when needed to achieve control of their diabetes.

Studies show that patients with higher levels of trust in their regular physicians are more likely than patients with less trust to have better care. For doctors, increasing patients’ trust in them may be associated with improvement in two important areas: getting care promptly and getting needed health care.

Children with diabetes and their families often face unique challenges. But in order to feel better, kids need to learn to take charge of their diabetes – and families can help. Parents or guardians can encourage children to feel good about themselves, seek support from others, and take action to manage their diabetes one step at a time.

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Cooking for the Person With Diabetes

The way you cook for a person with diabetes is the way you should cook for the whole family. By cutting down the fat, sugar, and sodium in recipes, you lower everyone’s risk for diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Refusing to Face the Facts: Denial and Health

Denial is a common response to a stressful situation. It can be an important coping and defense mechanism. But it also can delay the appropriate response to circumstances that require action and change.

Changing Beverages at School: What Will It Mean?

When students get back to school this year, some may be surprised by the changes in beverage choices, with fewer carbonated soft drinks and more juice, sports drinks and water options. However, any parents assuming that their children’s beverage choices have become more healthful should check their school’s plans.

Financial Help for Diabetes Care

Diabetes treatment is expensive. According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetics spend an average of $13,243 a year on health care expenses. Many people who have diabetes need help paying some of the bills. This article details where you can go for help.

On the Horizon of Glucose Monitoring: A Review

Doctors recommend that diabetics who take insulin check their blood glucose levels four times a day. But piercing a nerve-rich fingertip and squeezing out a drop of blood onto a test strip is painful, and often deters people from checking any more than just once.


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