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How this Recipe Box works

The Diabetic Gourmet Magazine recipe box offers a simple way for you to save recipes for easy access when you come back. Any time you visit, you will be able to access your favorite recipes using the “Recipe Box” link.

If you are logged-in, then you will also see them in your personal portal. To get the most out of your Recipe Box, and the entire site, we highly recommend you signup (it’s super easy).

For logged-in members of Diabetic Gourmet Magazine, it saves the recipes you have “favorited” and lists them here so you can revisit them anytime from any computer or device. The recipes will not be lost if you clear browser cookies because they are stored in your personal account.

For guest visitors, it uses basic cookies to save a list of the recipes you “favorited” to your browser for easy access. You will only be able to see them when you use the computer or device you used to “favorite” the recipe. If you clear your browser cookies, then you will lose your favorites.

You can remove individual recipes using the (x) or you can remove ALL of your favorites using the “Clear All Favorites” link. Clearing all favorites cannot be undone, so make sure you want to clear them all.

Recipes are not saved to your browser’s bookmarks.