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We welcome the submission of original content, articles and news submissions from authors, writers, news organizations and companies (PR), as well as products for possible review or mention in one of our publications. The best ways to submit news, articles and stories is via the form on this page or via U.S. Postal mail. To mail a product, use our delivery address.

If you choose to use our content submission form (at the bottom of this page), then please paste your news or article submission as plain text (not HTML).

If you wish to contribute, please:

  • Spend some time familiarizing yourself with our various departments and features to get an understanding of the type of content we publish.

  • If sending via email, then include the words "EDITORIAL SUBMISSION" in the subject line of the email.

  • For article submissions: include a brief bio for yourself (the author) - including professional experience and background, information about any books, products, or related websites associated with the author. Also include any necessary credits or source information relating to the article.

  • For company news submissions (press releases): include contact information for our editorial staff as well as for consumers reading the news item.

  • For non-company news submissions: This is for news submissions that are not company press releases - typically for news from organizations, universities and governmental news agencies regarding events. studies or research, as well as medical organizations, such as the FDA, ADA, AHA, etc.. Please include contact information for our editorial staff as well as for consumers reading the news item.

  • Graphics Related Submissions: If you have video clips or other images associated with your news item or press release, then provide a web address at the top of your news/article submission for any pages that contain the associated files. We will visit and download the associated files if needed. Postal mail submissions can include graphic files on disk, on film transparencies/slides, or in print/hardcopy format.

While we respond to some submissions, be aware that we do not respond to all submissions - especially news submissions. If your content does not appear online, or you have not heard back from us after one month of submitting an article or item, then please assume that we will not be able to use your idea or submission at this time. We may, however, publish it at a future date.

Content Submission Form:

Please use the following form to send us your news item, company press release, or article/content submission. Fields with and asterix (*) are required.

Name:   *
Company Name:
Contact Email Address:   *
Contact Phone:

Type of Submission   *

Submission Content:  *

Alternative Submission Options:

General Mailing Address

Diabetic Gourmet Magazine
c/o CAPCO Marketing
PO Box 1727
Cicero, NY 13039

Delivery Address (Packages, FedEx, UPS, Mail Requiring Signature ONLY)

Diabetic Gourmet Magazine
c/o CAPCO Marketing
8417 Oswego Road #177
Baldwinsville, NY 13027

Also please note that we are not offering a monetarily-based content submission relationship in any way. Any and all content submissions made to us are considered to be provided free of charge for use within our publications as determined by our editorial staff. At no time will any funds be provided through the use of submitted content. Full credit will always be given within any submissions used.

Be aware that we fully expect all submitted content to be the property of the person or organization submitting the content. Submitted work cannot violate any copyright laws or infringe upon the rights of another party. Do not submit news, articles or any other content that is not your legal property as you will be held responsible.

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