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The Most Versatile Vegetable

Butternut squash is one of the handiest and healthiest vegetables you can serve. It might win the vegetable versatility award, as you can bake or roast it, steam or boil it, use it in stews or a stir-fry.

It’s The Season to Talk Turkey

It is the time of year when turkey leftovers are plentiful and cooks are creatively challenged. How many turkey sandwiches can one family eat? Fortunately, there are many alternatives.

Roasted Vegetables Are A Revelation

Once, the only roasted vegetables most people made were potatoes, either nestled next to a chicken, set in a pan under a rack holding a leg of lamb (as the French do), or scattered around a hefty rib roast.

Nobody Minds Turkey Leftovers

For many people, leftovers are the whole point of Thanksgiving. Extra-large turkeys are often roasted so there’s plenty to eat over the coming weekend as sandwiches, hash, salad, fajitas, or even curry.

Saluting the Food of the Pilgrims

This is the time of year all Americans become New Englanders. This updated New England Dinner provides more food and fewer calories than the traditional version, and it’s a great way to pay tribute to New England this time of year.

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