Celebrating Christmas with Diabetes

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Celebrating Christmas with Diabetes

Celebrating Christmas with Diabetes

Celebrate Christmas with diabetic-friendly recipes and more. You’ll find cooking tips, diabetic menus, meal plans, video lessons, holiday drink & Christmas cookie recipes, party planning tips and much more. You’ll find recipes for parties, including appetizers, soups, drinks and dips, along with recipes for a festive, family dinner. All of the Christmas recipes include nutritional information to make your holiday meal planning easier.

Most Recent Additions

Keeping Christmas Sweet for Diabetic Kids

For children living with diabetes, overindulging on the delicacies of the holiday season could result in more than a stomach ache — it could mean a trip to the emergency room.

On Christmas Eve, Feast Italian-Style

The Feast of Seven Fishes, an Italian Christmas Eve tradition, calls for serving seven individual seafood dishes. Instead, I invite friends to share this Feast of Seven Fishes, a colorful dish which includes seven kinds of fish and seafood.

Holiday Fare with an International Twist

Casual cocktail party food has become so generic, you can often expect the same tired appetizers at every gathering. Choosing an international theme for your next holiday party adds an element of surprise to the gathering.


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