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From Venice, A Feast For The Holidays

Despite the influence of American fast food that has spread across the globe, Italian cooking remains distinctively national as well as regional. Includes recipe for Venetian Fish Stew.

Take a Break from the Groaning Board

In the midst of a holiday season studded with rich foods, it can be a relief to have a simple meal. A frittata, an Italian-style omelet, is a good choice for a light main course at breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Please Not Another Tie: Giving Wine This Holiday Season

Wine makes a great holiday gift. It’s portable. It’s festive. It’s timely, with people entertaining more during the holiday season. Since many people worry about selecting just the right gift wine, here are a few guidelines.

All About Hors d’oeurves – the Food Before the Meal

Hors d’oeurve, or as we usually spell and say it, hors d’oeuvres,are small portions of food served before a meal to accompany drinks, alchoholic or otherwise. In the United States, we tend to use the term hors d’oeuvre interchangeably with appetizer.

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