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Study Shows Healthy Eating Can Be Cheap

One barrier to healthy eating noted frequently in consumer surveys is the perception that nutritious foods are more expensive than less healthy alternatives. But a new study found that choosing healthy food does not, in fact, increase the grocery bill.

Health Claims on Labels: The Whole Story

Many foods now carry a label identifying them as sources of fiber or other substances that can lower the risk of heart disease or other health problems. But you may still miss the details and overestimate the impact of a particular food.

Insulin Resistance Poses Many Health Risks

High body levels of the hormone insulin, seen in what is called metabolic syndrome, or syndrome X, have gone from being an incidental finding among some overweight and inactive people to a major health concern that could mean a higher risk of diabetes, colon cancer, heart disease and stroke.

A Cup is a Cup is a Cup

How big is big? What is a serving? Why does one serving of salad dressing equal two tablespoons but one helping of cereal fills an eight-ounce cup?

Exchange Systems

Diabetes 101: In an effort to make meal planning easier for the diabetic, the American Diabetes Association and others have developed exchange systems.

Diabetic Exchanges for Special Foods

Good nutrition starts in the kitchen, and with a little education. For“people with diabetes, good nutrition is critical to keeping blood sugar levels under control. Surprisingly, watching what you eat does not mean losing what you like.

Food Exchange Information For Diabetics

The diabetic patient’s meal plan should specify that he or she can have specific numbers of exchanges; for example, a typical lunch may allow two bread, two meat, one fat, two vegetable, and one fruit portion. By referring to a list of exchanges, the person can develop his or her own menu. The idea is that by following the exchange system, the person will automatically pirate distribution of carbohydrates, protein, and fats.

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