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How to Handle Internal Voices When Making Food Choices

Even when some people dine alone, they have the company of four or more internal voices. These people don’t suffer from mental illness. Their brains are merely replaying conflicting and possibly negative messages about what to eat and how much.

Trans Fat on the Label

In January 2006, food companies will be legally required to list how much trans fat is in their products. But many companies are starting early. In fact, besides listing trans fat content, some companies are revising products so that the contents are more acceptable to concerned consumers.

Can You Trust the Claims on Food Labels?

When our government developed the current food labeling system, guidelines stated that any health claims on food packaging must pass strict scientific review. But now guidelines about food claims have been relaxed considerably. You need to read the “fine print,” along with the claim.

You Can Learn Portion Awareness

A study confirmed that people have difficulty judging how much food they eat. This can pose a problem since excessive amounts of food are frequently available to us.

A Good Time To Consider The Peanut

Peanuts are a big crop in the South, half of which go into peanut butter. Two southern peanut farmers have been elected president of the United States – Thomas Jefferson and Jimmy Carter. Includes recipe for Chili with Peanuts.

Low-Carb Confusion

Hundreds of newly available low-carb foods are actually making weight loss more difficult. Don’t let food package claims deceive you – a 2 gram carb protein bar could have 240 calories.

Eating-In For Better Health

Even though we know commercially-prepared meals often aren’t the most healthful, we choose them for convenience. But there are ways to cook nutritious meals quickly and easily. Includes recipe for Mediterranean-Style Fish.

I Have Diabetes: What Should I Eat?

You can help control your blood sugar, also called blood glucose, and diabetes when you eat healthy, get enough exercise, and stay at a healthy weight. Find out more about eating and diabetes.

Quick Fixings Are Sometimes Best

It’s the beginning of the make-it-ahead season. Quick, easy meals are a harbinger of summer, including this recipe for Mexican Chicken Salad.

Trans Fat Gets More Attention

Changes are coming that may help consumers cut back on trans fat. More detailed information on food labels may help us make wiser health choices.

Do You Know What You Eat?

Studies show that most people don’t have an accurate view of their eating habits. The right kind of record-keeping can often supply people with the answers like nothing else can.

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