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Leek Recipes

Leeks look like large scallions and have a mild, onion-like flavor. Leeks are firm when raw and are often steamed or included as part of a main dish. One cup of leeks contains about 50 calories and 13 grams of carbs, 1.6 grams of fiber and 3.5 grams of sugar. Leeks are a good source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C and also contain iron. This area features recipes that include leek as an ingredient and provide nutritional information for easier meal planning for diabetes and diets.

Leek Recipes


Braised Cod With Leeks

A simple, but elegant, weeknight meal. Serving size is 3 oz cod, 1-1/2 cup broth and vegetables. Recipe for Braised Cod With Leeks from our Main Dishes recipe section.

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