Can’t figure out the temperature for a recipe you want to make because it’s from another country? Need to convert liquid measurements, like teaspoons to tablespoons? How about converting weights? Need equivalents for sugar and other sweeteners? These tools will help get you past these kitchen hurdles so you can get back to cooking.

This tool will convert between Farenheit to Celcius temperatures for you. Perfect for converting international recipes, like converting an American oven temp to a European oven temp in a recipe.

You can use this tool to convert liquid measurements, including milliliters, deciliters, teaspoons, tablespoons, fluid ounces, cups, pints, liters and gallons. Just enter the amount you want to convert, choose the appropriate measures and click the “convert” button.

This weight converter tool converts four different units at once. Choose the unit you want to convert on the first line and enter the amount your want to convert in the box beside it. When you click the convert button, it will convert the number to all the remaining units of measure.