Your basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the number of calories used by your body when it is at rest. BMR accounts for most of your calorie use.

Your basal metabolic rate is based on body functions such as breathing, digestion, heartbeat, and brain function.

Your age, sex, body weight, and level of physical activity impact the basal metabolic rate. Basal metabolic rate increases with the amount of muscle tissue you have, and it reduces with age.

Along with burning more calories, physical activity increases the BMR, and the BMR can remain increased after 30 minutes of moderate physical activity.

For many people the basal metabolic rate can be increased 10% for approximately 48 hours after the activity. This means, for example, even after the physical activity, when a person is sedentary and watching television, the body is using more calories than usual.

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Please note that his tool is provided for calculating a rough estimate of daily calories expended. Exact values cannot be figured using this simple calculator, as a host of variables affect actual BMR.