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Diabetic Cooking Magazine
Diabetic Cooking offers great-tasting, nutritious recipes to help people with diabetes manage their daily meal plans. Quick recipes will satisfy everyone in the family, while there are plenty of cooking tips, baking secrets, helpful shopping hints.
Diabetic Living Magazine
Diabetic Living magazine is written for consumers and their families living with diabetes. Diabetic Living magazine addresses a variety of lifestyle and health concerns, medical breakthroughs, health and nutrition advice and recipes.
Diabetes Forecast Magazine
Diabetes Forecast magazine supplies the latest and best information on diabetes research and treatment. Each issue of Diabetes Forecast magazine is filled with helpful, comprehensive, accurate and timely information on all aspects of diabetes.
Diabetes Self-Management
Each issue of Diabetes Self-Management is chock-full of diabetes self-care tips, delicious and diabetes-friendly recipes, reports on the latest medical breakthroughs, and much more. From medicines to meters, from preparing meals to preventing complications, we cover it all.
EatingWell Magazine
EatingWell magazine delivers dozens of tempting, creative, easy-to-follow recipes that reflect the latest and best nutrition information. EatingWell magazine also has one of the most respected recipe-development teams.
Cooking Light Magazine
Cooking Light, the world’s largest epicurean magazine, is dedicated to helping its 9.2 million readers eat better, feel better, and look their very best.
Prevention Magazine
The world’s most popular health magazine with 12 million readers every month! It shows you the very latest and best ways to lose weight, improve nutrition, prevent illness and enjoy life more!
Vegetarian Times Magazine
From snacks to full course meals, Vegetarian Times offers healthier new recipes for classic food dishes. In every issue, you’ll find seasonal menus, health news, advisories, reports, and research findings, as well as guidance on diet, exercise and nutrition./p>
La Cucina Italiana
La Cucina Italiana magazine is the ultimate authority on Italian food and cooking. La Cucina Italiana magazine provides step-by-step recipes, ingredient guides, wine pairings and chef features.
Cooking With Paula Deen Magazine
Cooking with Paula Deen magazine is filled with easy recipes, heartwarming stories, travel destinations and entertaining ideas from Chef Paula Deen. Also, find the best in holiday menus in each issue of Cooking with Paula Deen magazine.
Saveur Magazine
Saveur is the award-winning food and travel magazine that brings you the world of authentic cuisine through color-drenched photos, extraordinary stories, recipes that reflect the traditions, history, and lore of fine foods the world over.
Health Magazine
More than just a magazine, Health is a mirror, reflecting women’s lives and giving voice to the issues and concerns that influence their overall sense of well-being.
Better Homes & Gardens magazine
Better Homes & Gardens magazine is written for people interested in turning inspiration into action. Each issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine focuses on decorating, crafts, entertaining, cooking, healthy living and gardening.
Natural Health Magazine
Natural Health offers a natural approach to health, reporting on herb remedies, vitamins and minerals, foods that heal, and alternative medicine.
Whole Living Magazine
At the forefront of the movement to live a healthier, more sustainable, and balanced life, striving for total wellness for mind, body, soul, and planet.
Weight Watchers Magazine
Inside each issue of Weight Watchers magazine you can find food articles, recipes, seven-day menu plans, and much more. Beauty, fashion, and success stories are a part of Weight Watchers that will help you stay motivated.
Womens Health Magazine
Women’s Health is a fresh, smart, informative and inspiring magazine that speaks to today’s active, youthful women in a way that is passionate, authoritative and relevant to their lifestyle.
Chile Pepper Magazine
A publication dedicated to the spicy side of life. Each issue highlights the best of zesty cuisine, including chef and celebrity profiles, travel, tips and techniques, and more than 40 recipes. From hot sauce to haute cuisine, from Baton Rouge to Bali, if it’s full of flavor, we cover it.
Bon Appetit Magazine
Bon Appetit Magazine is one of America’s most popular food and entertainment magazines. Each issue explores regional American cuisine, as well as culinary delights from around the world.
Cook’s Illustrated Magazine
Cook’s Illustrated is a bimonthly publication for cooks who are interested in understanding the techniques and principles of good home cooking. Each article objectively dissects well-known cooking methods and ingredients with one goal in mind: to develop the simplest, best-tasting, and most foolproof techniques for preparing recipes. Cook’s also rates cookware and taste-tests food products such as flour, coffee, and soy sauce.
Food & Wine Magazine
Food & Wine is a must-have monthly magazine for anyone who thinks great food is not a luxury but a necessity. Throw a spectacular dinner party or master easy, innovative menus to please discriminating palates, thanks to recipes from the most knowledgeable chefs.
Food Network Magazine
The Food Network magazine embraces the diversity of cooking styles and cuisines and examines the role food plays in how we cook, shop, entertain, eat and live. Find recipes from your favorite Food Network chefs in each issue of Food Network magazine.p>
Martha Stewart Living Magazine
Martha Stewart Living magazine focuses on the home life. Find endless possibilities, pure inspiration and smart ideas for entertaining, decorating, gardening, cooking and more in each issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine.
Men’s Health Magazine
Men’s Health magazine offers information to help men look good, feel great and take control of their lives. Each issue of Men’s Health magazine features articles on fitness, health, career, relationships, nutrition, sex and general interests.