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The Bountiful Whole Grain

The importance of eating at least three servings of whole grains is becoming clearer and more widely publicized. Yet surveys suggest that Americans still eat no more than a single serving a day.

Exercise: How Much is Enough?

For many people, the question isn’t whether or not exercise is good for health, but how much physical activity it really takes to get health and weight control benefits.

How Good is Garlic?

Recent studies have sparked debate over whether or not garlic can help lower cholesterol. While that discussion rages back and forth, another set of findings about garlic’s health benefits tends to get overlooked.

The Goodness of Greens

Cooked greens were found on African-American, and Southern, tables long before they appeared on the menus of fashionable restaurants. Article includes recipe for Garlicky Greens.

Don’t Cheat Yourself…Go Whole Grain

Whole grains can be helpful in controlling blood sugar and insulin levels in people with diabetes, and a new study has suggested that including whole grains regularly may even help prevent diabetes.

Breast Cancer Glossary

It’s so easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of medical terms. “Take a look at this glossary of terms and procedures relating “to breast cancer – it may clear up some unanswered questions “you’ve had.

Reasons for Brain Tumor Increase Not Black and White

It was a routine annual physical, and everything checked out fine. Blood pressure normal, electrocardiogram normal, weight good, no particular complaints–except one. The patient, 65-year-old Sylvia Zeidner of Potomac, Md., had been having some peculiar dizzy spells, and she laughingly told the doctor, I must have a brain tumor.

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