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Diabetic Cookbook Review: 8 Books to Consider

Eight new book reviews, including: Eating Well Through Cancer; MEALS on the MOVE; Mr. Food’s Quick & Easy Diabetic Cooking; Forbidden Foods: Diabetic Cooking; 1,001 Lowfat Desserts; When a Child Has Diabetes; “”Guide To Raising a Child With Diabetes; and Living with Juvenile Diabetes.

Diabetic Book Reviews: 6 Books for Fall Reading

Marilyn reviews 6 books: The Diabetes Problem Solver; MealLeaniYumm! All That’s Missing Is The Fat; My Doctor Says I Have A Little Diabetes; The New Family Cookbook for People With Diabetes; The Diabetic Four Ingredient Cookbook; and The Complete Quick & Hearty Diabetic Cookbook.

Summer 2000 Book Reviews

Marilyn reviews 4 books: 16 Myths of a Diabetic Diet; The Phytopia Cookbook: A World of Plant-Centered Cuisine; The All New Diabetic Cookbook; and The Diabetes Snack, Munch, Nibble, Nosh Book.

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