When it comes to managing diabetes, keeping track of your medications, blood sugar levels, meals and activity can be a challenge.

These printable logs, books and journals make it much easier to take care of your diabetes and keep a daily record for yourself and your health care team.

We have several available for you to take a look at so you can find the one that best suits your preferences. In general, these diabetic record keeping printables allow you to record the date, meal times, and medicines taken.

Some of these printable pages provide more room to include personal notes and additional information and others include information about keeping track of your most critical diabetes management information.

The more comprehensive your record keeping, the easier it is for you to see trends and track how your body responds to certain foods, activities and medicines. This is very helpful when working with your diabetes care team to help you best control your diabetes.

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Simple Diabetes Log Book Printable

  • Simple Diabetes Log Book – tracks your blood sugar at various times on different days. This is suitable when your treatment doesn’t change or put you at risk of having a low blood sugar.

More Comprehensive Log Pages

The following printables offer more features, such as recording blood sugar levels at various times on different days, notations about exercise, food (carbohydrates), events and medication doses.

You’ll find log books, intensive method log pages, insulin and non-insulin logging and record-keeping pages for special audiences, such as women with gestational diabetes. Only signed-in members can access the following printables (register for free).

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