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Salads With An Asian Accent

In the traditional Asian diet, salads with big, bold flavor play an important role. They include ingredients familiar to us, but used in different ways. They also incorporate foods that are sold at many supermarkets but aren’t often thought of as salad ingredients.

Gearing Up With Great-Tasting Garbanzos

Many of us love eating garbanzo beans – also called chickpeas – when we’re dining out in ethnic restaurants. But can we use them in everyday dishes at home? Of course! Health-conscious Americans are increasingly using these nutritious legumes in salads, stews, and dips.

Perfect Green Salads For One Person

Even if summer didn’t mean bountiful harvests, the season’s soaring temperature increases the desire for cool, light and crisp dishes – like green salads. And, for those of us who live solo, a salad often makes the easiest and quickest meal.

Thermometer Guidelines for Turkey

What is the safe temperature when cooking turkey? Find out here! Plus, check out our special Thanksgiving food and cooking section dedicated to diabetics!

Seafood: A Great Catch

Are your menus stuck in a rut — with meat or poultry on the plate every night? Break the monotony with seafood, a healthful alternative that’s typically low in fat and high in protein, vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins, iron, zinc, selenium and copper. Some seafood also contain omega-3 fatty acids that may lower risk of heart disease and some cancers.

Six Top-Turkey Questions

After years of answering over 20,000 calls about turkey handling and preparation, USDA’s Meat and Poultry Hotline home economists say these are the questions they hear most often.

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