Amazing Soy : A Complete Guide to Buying and Cooking This Nutritional Powerhouse With 240 Recipes Book Cover Image

Dana Jacobi, the undisputed "Queen of Soy," revolutionizes the art of cooking with soy the amazing, versatile power food.

This definitive cookbook on soy includes

  • 240 great-tasting recipes for every occasion and eating style, including instant break-fasts, energy-boosting snacks, working lunches, elegant entertaining dishes, authentic Asian meals, and luscious desserts

  • A comprehensive guide of soyfoods from familiar foods like tofu to lesser-known ingredients such as soymeat, soy cheese, miso, tempeh, and much more with helpful tips on how to buy, prepare, and cook with 36 of them

  • Nutritional information for each recipe

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  • A directory of more than 105 soyfood companies with their websites and mail-order addresses.

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Publisher: Morrow Cookbooks
ISBN: 006093381X
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List Price: $20.00