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Daily Calorie Requirement Calculator

See how many calories you need each day to lose weight, maintain weight or gain weight based on age, gender and activity level with this easy to use Daily Calorie Requirement calculator.

Target Heart Rate Calculator

One way of monitoring physical activity intensity is to determine whether a person’s pulse or heart rate is within the target zone during physical activity. This online calculator will tell you what your target heart rate should be during exercise.

Top Diabetes Apps for iOS – Iphone and Ipod Apps for Diabetic Living

The following diabetes apps are the top rated for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). They can help track medications, blood sugar levels, meals and other health-related data to help you manage your diabetes easier and more effectively. They can also help when you consult with members of your diabetes care team, such as your endicrinologist or dietitian.

Corrected Calcium Calculator

Easy to use Corrected Calcium Calculator. Calcium metabolism or calcium homeostasis is the mechanism by which the body maintains adequate calcium levels. Derangements lead to hypercalcemia or hypocalcemia, which can have important consequences for health.

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