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A Lot of Nutrition in a Little Brown Bag

Bringing lunch from home is a bargain in a bag – easy on both your weight and your wallet. Making your own midday meal gives you better control over portion size, calorie and fat content, and at the same time provides nutritional benefits.

Health Claims on Labels: The Whole Story

Many foods now carry a label identifying them as sources of fiber or other substances that can lower the risk of heart disease or other health problems. But you may still miss the details and overestimate the impact of a particular food.

Answers to Common Seafood and Omega-3 Questions

Which types of seafood are best? Are freshwater fish from lakes good sources? How about farm-raised? Won’t it boost my fat intake? Are omega-3’s destroyed with cooking and storage? These questions and more are answered.

What Do You Expect from a Vitamin Pill?

A recent study in the Archives of Internal Medicine reports that nearly half of Americans now take some kind of nutritional supplement. Yet studies also show that people often take supplements for nutrients they have already consumed in adequate amounts, and miss supplementing the nutrients they may lack.

Confusion Over Trans Fats

Trans fatty acids, commonly referred to as trans fats, are formed when vegetable oils are hydrogenated to harden and stabilize them. They have been associated with an increased risk of heart disease. Researchers are now investigating other possible adverse effects.

Four Steps that Pay High Dividends

If good health seems to demand too many healthy habits, you’ll be cheered to know new studies show that just four can play a major role in preventing the top causes of adult death and illness in our country.

Secrets of Success for Reaching Goals

Year after year, do you make the same New Year’s resolutions to eat better or exercise more – yet don’t? If you think it’s all about self-discipline, that pattern will continue.

Don’t Cheat Yourself…Go Whole Grain

Whole grains can be helpful in controlling blood sugar and insulin levels in people with diabetes, and a new study has suggested that including whole grains regularly may even help prevent diabetes.

Focus on Fiber For Fitness

Perhaps more than any other nutrition practice, good fiber intake is important to our daily quality of life.

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