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Got Hummus?

Hummus is a versatile, easy-to-prepare, nutritious and delicious spread or dip. The Arabic word hummus actually means chickpeas; the spread we call hummus would be translated as chickpeas with tahini.

Sweet-Savory with a Hint of Anise

There’s nothing as good as a simple sauteed vegetable, like fennel. Though fennel is actually an herb in the same family as dill, cilantro and cumin, the bulb is a root vegetable. Seared and then sauteed, it becomes sweet savory with a hint of anise flavor.

Mediterranean-Style Oven Kebabs

Today kebabs are popular throughout the world. No wonder – you get the great grilled flavor without even having to fire up the charcoal or gas.

Bring Goodness Home with Mussels

A heaping serving of steamed mussels is a feast. Digging into it brings briny pleasure plus a long list of benefits. Many people hesitate to cook mussels at home so I hope seeing this list of their goodness inspires you to see how easy it really is.

Fresh Tomato Sauce Makes the Meal

Salads draw attention for easy summer eating, but I have another favorite go-to for making quick warm weather meals. As long as local tomatoes are available, I keep fresh homemade tomato sauce on hand.

Chicken Salad Fit for a Celebration

When June graduations and weddings call for creative menu planning, the biggest challenge can be finding casual yet elegant and attractive dishes that please everybody without stressing the cook.

Lemony Herb-Glazed Roasted Chicken

This recipe combines some classic ingredients to create a delectable roasted chicken. The combination of the natural juices and honey for basting and initial high heat for roasting ensures moist and flavorful meat.

Very Versatile Veggie Soup

How can you prepare and consume the variety of cruciferous, leafy green, and orange/red vegetables, and other veggies experts urge us to eat every day?

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