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Lemon Chicken with Broccoli and a Tropical Twist

Lemon chicken is legitimately Chinese. But for Americans, chefs batter and deep-fry the chicken, then top it with a gooey, tart-sweet sauce. See how we make a colorful, healthful version of this well-loved dish – with a tropical twist.

Nutty Crusted Chicken – With No Frying

This lean poultry recipe with almonds and flax features a wonderful crust with no frying, and it all adds up to a dish with exceptional nutritional value and flavor.

A Tasty, Easy to Make Wild Salmon Dish

It is no secret fish should be an integral part of a healthy diet. Finding new ways to prepare it, though, can be challenging. Meet that challenge with a tasty, easy to make wild salmon dish.

An Omelet With A Momma-Mia Difference

After the heavy fare of winter, the milder days of spring call for meals with a lighter touch. An Italian-style omelet, a frittata, is a good choice for a light and tasty breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Quick and Easy Chicken Cacciatore

Creating classic tastes doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult, as proven by this week’s recipe. It combines the goodness of chicken with the timeless taste of tomatoes, all set off with traditional Italian spices.

The Right Roasting Pan for Turkey

Most experts recommend the open pan, dry heat roasting method as the easiest and most reliable of all cooking methods for a whole turkey or turkey breast.

Make a Summer Vegetable Soup

With summer heading toward its waning stages, enjoy the best of the farmers’ market or your garden by creating a tasty vegetable soup enhanced by a combination of herbs.

The Americanization of Garlic

Having discovered how garlic, properly handled, enhances the flavor in soups, stews & sauces, Americans shared the Italians’ enthusiasm for its flavor and aroma.

Turn Ripe Tomatoes into Bruschetta

With the crop reaching its height, it is time for my annual paean to sun-warmed, vine-ripened, local tomatoes. Add a little variety without too much fuss — chop up a few tomatoes and season them to spoon on top of bruschetta.

A Summery Shrimp Stir-Fry

Chinese cooking calls for thoughtfully combining the artistic and the practical. This dish balances sweet, tart, earthy and bright seafood flavors in foods that are crisp, tender, chewy and juicy with just enough salt to enhance them all.

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