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Attitude is Everything!

There is an old story about a man who wrote to the Department of Agriculture in his state to find out how to cope with the crabgrass that was spoiling his lawn. The Department responded with a number of suggestions. The man tried them all, but he could not completely eliminate the crabgrass. Exasperated, he wrote the department again, noting that every method they had suggested had failed. His yard was still riddled with crabgrass. He got back a short reply: We suggest you learn to love it.

Water: Ten Reasons To Drink Up

Experts have recommended 6-8 cups per day for years, but recent studies have raised this amount even further to 10 cups for women and 12 cups for men. All liquids count toward the 10 to 12 cup goal, but bear in mind that both caffeine and alcohol act as diuretics and may actually increase normal fluid losses. Ten good reasons to increase your fluid intake…

How to Chop a Tomato

Learn how to chop a tomato – it’s easy if you know how! From The Diabetic Gourmet Magazine Cooking Lessons Department.

Preparing a Bell Pepper

Learn How to Prepare a Bell Pepper – it’s easy if you know how! From The Diabetic Gourmet Magazine Cooking Lessons.

Your Summer Garden: A Nutrition Smorgasbord

One of life’s greatest culinary treats is the taste of a fresh, juicy tomato ripe off the vine from your bountiful home garden. When you add the fresh green peas, zucchini, green beans and summer squash, you have a real summer smorgasbord of both great taste and nutrition.

Culinary Herbs – Cleaning, Drying & Preparing

Fresh herbs are readily available in most markets these days, and they are always nice to use. But they can be expensive, and they have a short live span. Moreover, you have to buy a good-size bunch when your recipe may call for just a few sprigs. So it is important to store fresh herbs carefully and use them up – they always add something special to eggs or a salad.

Please Pass The Peanut Butter

Peanut butter’s gotten a bad rap, up until now. Nutritionists and health researchers are just learning that peanut butter is a good source of protein, fiber, folate, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and even phytochemicals!

Summer 2000 Book Reviews

Marilyn reviews 4 books: 16 Myths of a Diabetic Diet; The Phytopia Cookbook: A World of Plant-Centered Cuisine; The All New Diabetic Cookbook; and The Diabetes Snack, Munch, Nibble, Nosh Book.

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