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Exercise: How Much is Enough?

For many people, the question isn’t whether or not exercise is good for health, but how much physical activity it really takes to get health and weight control benefits.

Weight and Type 2 Diabetes

Carrying extra body weight and body fat go hand and hand with the development of type 2 diabetes. Managing your weight is the best thing you can do to prevent the development of diabetes.

Getting Help for Fitness

Physical activity is now recognized as a major factor in staying healthy and reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other health problems. Joining a health club or fitness center can be an excellent way to get motivated and get moving. But experts warn that you should take time to choose wisely.

Latest on Physical Activity Still Shows Exercise Gap

While more than 60 percent of those recently surveyed get some physical activity during their leisure hours, only a little over 30 percent of the population actually meet current recommendations that define regular exercise.

Active at Any Size

If you are a very large person, you can still be physically active. Start being more active and healthier – no matter what your size!

Physical Activity and Weight Control

Regular physical activity, combined with healthy eating habits, is the most efficient and healthful way to control your weight. Learn all about the important role of physical activity and include it in your lifestyle.

Secrets of Success for Reaching Goals

Year after year, do you make the same New Year’s resolutions to eat better or exercise more – yet don’t? If you think it’s all about self-discipline, that pattern will continue.

Four Steps that Pay High Dividends

If good health seems to demand too many healthy habits, you’ll be cheered to know new studies show that just four can play a major role in preventing the top causes of adult death and illness in our country.

Weight Goals: Not All Or Nothing

Some dieters may be working against themselves by setting unrealistic weight loss goals. Many give up in frustration and return to old habits – and their former weight.

Do I Really Have to Sweat?

For optimum health we increase our goal to an hour of moderate activity each day, and through the week tack on one or more sessions of vigorous activity to total at least an hour.

Does Weight Really Matter?

Does it really matter whether the reason behind obesity’s link to health problems is a result of the weight itself or the lifestyle habits that caused it? Yes, because the answer determines how to best approach the problem.

Getting a Grip on Strength Training

Leading exercise physiologists report that by middle age, weight training may be just as important to maintaining quality of life by preventing age-related loss of muscle and bone.

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