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You Can Learn Portion Awareness

A study confirmed that people have difficulty judging how much food they eat. This can pose a problem since excessive amounts of food are frequently available to us.

Is Fast-Casual Food Healthier Than Fast Food?

Fast food can add a lot of calories, fat and sodium to your diet, if you choose carelessly. A growing number of restaurants specialize in what can be called “fast food for adults.” These restaurants, dubbed “fast casual,” offer the convenience of fast food for those who want take-out, as well as a comfortable eat-in section.

Hopping Back on the Diet Wagon

Whether dieters reach their goal or barely lose a pound, the day almost always comes when they go off the diet. It doesn’t have to be that way…

Can Soy Fight Cancer?

When soy foods were first tied to a lower risk of cancer, consumer publications made the link seem certain. Now many people are unsure what soy can do against cancer.

Waist versus Weight

All body fat is not the same. Researchers and health care professionals often measure overweight in pounds or with a calculation called the Body Mass Index.

Fitness Trends for 2004

The importance of motivating our sedentary society to move more will grow in 2004. There are already signs and predictions that how we exercise is going to change as well.

A Highly Preventable Cancer

One renowned researcher estimates that 70 percent of colon cancers could be prevented with only moderate changes in diet and lifestyle. Current research points to several strategies you could employ to protect yourself against colon cancer development.

Fat Still Possible Risk for Breast Cancer

For years, population comparisons around the world have linked high-fat diets with greater breast cancer risk. Laboratory and animal studies support such a link. But studies of individuals have had mixed results.

The Bountiful Whole Grain

The importance of eating at least three servings of whole grains is becoming clearer and more widely publicized. Yet surveys suggest that Americans still eat no more than a single serving a day.

Not All Meatless Meals Are Low-Cal

Meatless meals can be a great step toward healthy eating, but simply eliminating meat does not make a meal low in calories. Depending on what else it contains, a meatless meal can be lower or higher in calories than one that includes meat.

Is a Vegetarian Diet Healthier?

There’s no question that vegetarian eating can be healthful and nutritionally adequate, according to the American Dietetic Association. But experts say that the question of whether vegetarian eating is better than non-vegetarian eating depends on exactly what is in that vegetarian diet.

Exercise: How Much is Enough?

For many people, the question isn’t whether or not exercise is good for health, but how much physical activity it really takes to get health and weight control benefits.

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