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Secrets of Success for Reaching Goals

Year after year, do you make the same New Year’s resolutions to eat better or exercise more – yet don’t? If you think it’s all about self-discipline, that pattern will continue.

Four Steps that Pay High Dividends

If good health seems to demand too many healthy habits, you’ll be cheered to know new studies show that just four can play a major role in preventing the top causes of adult death and illness in our country.

Don’t Cheat Yourself…Go Whole Grain

Whole grains can be helpful in controlling blood sugar and insulin levels in people with diabetes, and a new study has suggested that including whole grains regularly may even help prevent diabetes.

Does Weight Really Matter?

Does it really matter whether the reason behind obesity’s link to health problems is a result of the weight itself or the lifestyle habits that caused it? Yes, because the answer determines how to best approach the problem.

Is a Diabetes Epidemic on the Horizon?

Researchers warn that the incidence of diabetes is increasing rapidly in the United States. Even worse, the American Diabetes Association reports that a type of diabetes that normally occurs after age 45 is now on the rise in children and adolescents.

Getting a Grip on Strength Training

Leading exercise physiologists report that by middle age, weight training may be just as important to maintaining quality of life by preventing age-related loss of muscle and bone.

Another Look At Margarine vs. Butter

A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association concludes that using tub margarine instead of butter has been found to lower blood cholesterol.

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