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Finally a fast and simple cookbook just for you. The rest of the family will enjoy these healthy recipes as well.

This cookbook is a practical kitchen tool for busy cooks who must eat healthy following a diabetic regime. It is filled with good tasting recipes that require less time, less ingredients and less trouble. Each recipe comes with complete nutritional data to help the person with diabetes keep track of exactly what they are eating.

Appetizers, salads, vegetables, main dishes, sauces, pasta dishes and desserts for family meals or entertaining.

The New and Improved "The Diabetic Four Ingredient Cookbook" by Linda Coffee and Emily Cale contains 350 recipes - with nutritional analysis and exchanges. The users attention is drawn to over 180 low carb recipes by the icon "Low Carb". This new edition is hard cover, interior wire-o spiral bound, with large print for easy use.

It had to happen soon or later, and I just wish I had thought of doing it! "The Diabetic Four Ingredient Cookbook," by Linda Coffee and Emily Cale, has made its debut. If you're interested in quick and inexpensive recipes, this book is your answer. I haven't had a chance to try any of the recipes yet, but when you've read as many cookbooks as I have, you can just about scan a recipe's ingredient list and almost be able to taste it! Each recipe has a complete nutritional analysis with dietary exchanges.

If you're looking for simple recipes requiring less time, less ingredients and less hassle, and will still meet your diabetic menu guidelines, give this book a try. Over 200 delicious dishes requiring four ingredients or less.

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Book Details:

Author: Emily Cale
Publisher: Coffee & Cale
ISBN: 0962855073
View at: Amazon (see sale price)
List Price: $19.95
Format: Hardcover: 360 pages