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If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, or you know someone who has, you are familiar with the many challenges and risks associated with this disease. Through years of extensive research and technological advancement, the medical community now knows more about diabetes and its physical and psychological effects than ever before.

The Everything� Diabetes Book presents cutting-edge medical research and professional advice to ease your anxiety and provide the keys to living a healthy, active lifestyle. Medical writer Paula Ford-Martin and diabetes specialist Ian Blumer, M.D., team up to provide you with all the information you need to assess the risks, manage blood and glucose levels, recognize warning signs, and avoid complications.

Having professionally reviewed hundreds of books on diabetes for both online and print publications, I was happy to find one that was "just right" for all needs in THE EVERYTHING DIABETES BOOK, �2004 by Adams Media. Author Paula Ford-Martin with Ian Blumer, M.D., effectively pair their collective writing and medical expertise to serve the needs of all readers, from the newly diagnosed to parents and caregivers of those with all types and levels of diabetes.

I especially appreciated the FAQ, easy-to-read format of the book, which allows the reader to access specific information on an as-needed basis. In The Everything Diabetes Book you'll find:

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  • In depth information on Type 1, Type 2, and gestational diabetes
  • 22 chapters covering treatment, diet, lifestyle issues, complications, coping and more
  • Special chapters on diabetes in men, diabetes in women, and diabetes in childhood
  • Three appendices with internet resources, conversion charts, and preventive care

Diabetes is a family disease and in the simplest terms, this is the single best resource I've reviewed for meeting the needs of anyone or everyone who must deal with the complex issues presented by a diagnosis of diabetes. I have a brother who was just diagnosed with adult-onset, type 2 diabetes, and if I could choose just ONE book as a road map to help him through the complexities of understanding diabetes, The Everything Diabetes Book would be just what I would pick.

Conclusion: Highly recommended! For more information on The Everything Diabetes Book, the authors, contact information, or quantity discounts for bulk purchases, visit the book website at

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Author: Ian Blumer
Publisher: Adams Media Corporation
ISBN: 1580629814
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List Price: $14.95
Format: Paperback, 320 pages