The New American Plate Cookbook : Recipes for a Healthy Weight and a Healthy Life Book Cover Image

Delicious food. Healthy food. They're one and the same�especially when the recipes are developed by AICR's cookbook team.

AICR is proud to announce the publication of its treasure-trove of 200 recipes, which ravish the palate while helping you manage your weight and reduce the risk of disease.

"Welcome to a whole new healthy way of eating." - Ladies' Home Journal

"An updated and more vibrant version of dinner: Where there was once Hamburger Helper, there's now sesame-ginger frittata with broccoli and shrimp. . . . The New American Plate Cookbook makes weight loss and healthy eating easy as pie--or, in this case, fresh plum tart.� - O: The Oprah Magazine

�The recipes, abundant with healthful ingredients, are haute cuisine in presentation and taste, but foolproof in preparation. . . . The book offers good, fresh food for family or guests in a way that will make any cook proud." - Indianapolis Star

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"A far cry from the diet directives of years past. With beautiful pictures and helpful cooking tips, these recipes will keep your palate satisfied through the year." - Life Magazine

"If you'd like to eat healthier without compromising flavor, check out The New American Plate Cookbook. . . . A good resource for cooks of allabilities." - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

�Liberal use of spices and herbs and well-designed combinations of fruits and vegetables pack these recipes with maximum flavor.� - Hartford Courant

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Publisher: University of California Press
ISBN: 0520242343
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