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A Field Guide to Type 2 Diabetes: The Essential Resource from the Diabetes Experts

““This new book gives you the type 2 diabetes checklists you need, road maps for what to do in various situations, and lists of the proper provisions. You’ll discover information about correcting high and low blood sugar, spotting signs of trouble, using the right gadgets to dose insulin or measure your blood sugar, and more.

How to Save Up to $3000 a Year On Your Diabetes Costs

Diabetes is riddled with expenses—but within this book are the best ways to save on those expenses when living on a low income. Completely updated to address current topics and issues that reflect our changing society and health care needs.

Cooking with the Diabetic Chef

Many cookbooks for people with diabetes are written by nutritionists or dietitians, but while those books might present well-balanced and nutritional recipes, they often fail to focus on recipes that are flavorful and easy to prepare. Author Chris Smith is not only a trained restaurant chef and a graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America—but he is also a person with diabetes.

Forbidden Foods Diabetic Cooking

This groundbreaking new cookbook dispels the myths about diabetes and “forbidden foods” by showing people how they can incorporate into their meal plan many food items they assume they must avoid. The American Diabetes Association Forbidden Foods Cookbook includes more than 150 recipes which feature fried chicken, cheesecake, fettucine alfredo, devil’s food cake, and many others.

Cooking Up Fun for Kids with Diabetes

Here are simple, fun, healthy recipes and activities for kids with diabetes that they can make themselves or with their parents.““Recipes and projects help kids understand the importance of food to their health.

Magic Menus for People with Diabetes

If you have diabetes, you know firsthand that mealtime choices can be a major challenge. But here you have more than 200 magic recipes to turn the struggle into a smorgasbord.

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