Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy: How to Put the Food Pyramid to Work for Your Busy Lifestyle Book Cover Image

Meal planning is one of the hardest parts of managing diabetes. But the Diabetes Food Pyramid makes meal planning easier than ever. This newest edition has been updated to include the most recent changes to the USDA Food Guide Pyramid and healthy eating guidelines, information about health claims on food labels, and nutritional supplements.

Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy, 2nd Edition, helps you master each food group in the Diabetes Food Pyramid. From starches at the Pyramid's base to fats, sweets, and alcohol at the Pyramid's tip, you'll learn how much of which foods to eat to fit your personal nutrition needs. It's just like having a friendly dietitian sitting right next to you.

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Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Distributed Products
ISBN: 1580400523
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Format: Paperback; 232 pages