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Children want to fit in with the gang, yet a special diet can sometimes set them apart. From the mother of a child with food sensitivities, this is comprehensive information gathered into a lifestyle manual complete with 100 kid-tested and approved recipes to help your child live a happy, healthy life and feel like part of the gang.

Convinced that it was the food he ate that was making him sick, Theresa Willingham sought help from other parents, their children, and internationally known medical experts on food sensitivities. All agreed that it was possible for children to live on special diets, yet lead normal, healthy lives. As Theresa watched her small son's health restored after removing all wheat and dairy from his diet, she concurred and decided to share her findings with others. The result is this lifestyle manual which promotes the philosophy that a diet that doesn't make children sick shouldn't make them feel different, either.

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Publisher: Savory Palate, Incorporated
ISBN: 1889374075
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List Price: $19.95
Format: Paperback, 288 pages