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A New Method For Tandoori Chicken

Because slashing skinless chicken parts to better expose the flesh to the marinade can be challenging – cut too deeply and the meat dries out during cooking – I began to think about alternative ways to make this succulent dish.

Fresh Tomato Sauce Makes the Meal

Salads draw attention for easy summer eating, but I have another favorite go-to for making quick warm weather meals. As long as local tomatoes are available, I keep fresh homemade tomato sauce on hand.

Inspired by Sesame Noodles

When an ethnic dish becomes really popular, I tend to get suspicious. In this light, I wondered how Chinese cooks would make another ethnic favorite, sesame noodles.

Chicken Salad Fit for a Celebration

When June graduations and weddings call for creative menu planning, the biggest challenge can be finding casual yet elegant and attractive dishes that please everybody without stressing the cook.

Very Versatile Veggie Soup

How can you prepare and consume the variety of cruciferous, leafy green, and orange/red vegetables, and other veggies experts urge us to eat every day?

Chronic Inflammation: The Elephant in the Room of Our Health

Most Americans know that health risks such as high blood cholesterol and blood sugar are important to monitor, but a growing number of researchers believe that other major factors with far-ranging effects on heart disease and cancer should be getting more attention. One of these big factors is inflammation.

On Christmas Eve, Feast Italian-Style

The Feast of Seven Fishes, an Italian Christmas Eve tradition, calls for serving seven individual seafood dishes. Instead, I invite friends to share this Feast of Seven Fishes, a colorful dish which includes seven kinds of fish and seafood.

Lemon Chicken with Broccoli and a Tropical Twist

Lemon chicken is legitimately Chinese. But for Americans, chefs batter and deep-fry the chicken, then top it with a gooey, tart-sweet sauce. See how we make a colorful, healthful version of this well-loved dish – with a tropical twist.

Catch a Moroccan-Style Dinner

A fabulous way to add excitement to your fish is with a flavorful dry rub, like this blend of spices North African cooks use.

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