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Discover Salsa, Italian-Style

Salsa is the top-selling condiment in the United States. Latino cooks sometimes add to the primal combination of tomatoes, onions, hot chile, cilantro and lime — but salsa is also fundamental to the Italian table.

Tuna Salad with a Springtime Twist

If you are a tuna-lover and are seeking a salad with spring flair, one that includes crunch, color and a flavorful surprise, then this is for you.

Dressing Up Green Salads

When did you last rave about a lettuce leaf? Listen closely when someone praises a salad because the dressing is most likely what the diner found memorable. The dressing was either a perfect partner with the greens or it stood on its own.

Turn Ripe Tomatoes into Bruschetta

With the crop reaching its height, it is time for my annual paean to sun-warmed, vine-ripened, local tomatoes. Add a little variety without too much fuss — chop up a few tomatoes and season them to spoon on top of bruschetta.

A Summery Shrimp Stir-Fry

Chinese cooking calls for thoughtfully combining the artistic and the practical. This dish balances sweet, tart, earthy and bright seafood flavors in foods that are crisp, tender, chewy and juicy with just enough salt to enhance them all.

An Easter Egg Story

Easter usually falls around my birthday, and so Easter eggs have often been part of my birthday celebrations. We also came up with creative uses for the eggs, like this…

New Irish Cooking

On St. Patrick’s Day, the air will be rich with the aromas of cabbage, corned beef, crusty Irish soda bread and perhaps a stew studded with potatoes and carrots. These traditional Irish dishes, nostalgically enjoyed by Irish-Americans and other Americans feeling Irish for the day, are a far cry from what is on many Irish tables today.

A St. Patrick’s Day Salad

If you think food that celebrates St. Patrick’s Day means corned beef and cabbage with boiled potatoes, it’s time to update your thinking about Irish cooking.

Bake Your Valentine a Surprise

For Valentine’s Day, I have moved from producing elaborate candlelight dinners to sharing simpler culinary seductions. This year, honoring the tradition of red for romance, I am making a less-traditional fruit-based dish.

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