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Obsessed with Weight and Still Overweight

Whether you count the number of people unhappy with their shape, the percentage on a diet, or the billions of dollars spent on diet programs, books, foods and supplements, the figures all show that our society has become more obsessed with weight in the past decade or two than ever before.

Measuring Body Fat: Pros and Cons

Since the health risks of being overweight are mostly related to excess fat, many people think they should check how much body fat they have. Technology to estimate body fat levels has now become readily available.

Are You Supersizing Yourself with Fast Food?

The odds that frequently eating fast food meals can “supersize” you are real. But to prevent unwanted and unhealthy weight gain, is it enough to change your choice of food, drink, or portion sizes at fast food restaurants?

Children and Milk

Some people seem to interpret the results of a new study incorrectly by suggesting that milk drinking drives the problem of overweight among American children. A closer look at the results affirms a weight-control message long-given to adults.

Is a Little Excess Weight a Problem?

Part of the uncertainty about the effects of moderate overweight revolves around the level of a person’s fitness compared to their fatness. Some researchers suggest that physically fit people in this category have less health risks than inactive people.

What’s in that Weight Loss Supplement?

Americans spend billions of dollars each year on weight loss supplements. Although we wouldn’t buy a car or a dinner without knowing some details, many who purchase these supplements have no idea what is in them, or what independent reports say about their safety and effectiveness.

The Risks of Weight-Control Surgery

Since almost two-thirds of our population is now overweight or obese, thoughts about surgical procedures to reduce weight frequently cross people’s minds.

How to Handle Internal Voices When Making Food Choices

Even when some people dine alone, they have the company of four or more internal voices. These people don’t suffer from mental illness. Their brains are merely replaying conflicting and possibly negative messages about what to eat and how much.

The Soft Drink Explosion Among Kids

The consumption of soft drinks by American youth is increasing. National dietary surveys show that carbonated soft drink consumption more than doubled in youths aged 6 to 17.

A Good Night’s Rest for Your Weight

Do you need to lose weight? Turn off the television or computer an hour earlier and go to bed. A lack of sleep may make weight loss and weight control more difficult!

Waist versus Weight

All body fat is not the same. Researchers and health care professionals often measure overweight in pounds or with a calculation called the Body Mass Index.

Hopping Back on the Diet Wagon

Whether dieters reach their goal or barely lose a pound, the day almost always comes when they go off the diet. Although this break can mark the beginning of a downward spiral that sends a person right back to the starting point, studies now show it doesn’t have to.

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