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Beet Recipes

Beets are also known as beetroot, table beet, garden beet, red beet and golden beet. One beet contains about 35 calories, 8 grams of carbohyudrate, trace fat and no cholesterol. It provides about 2 grams of dietary fiber and 6 grams of sugar. Raw beetroot is a rich source of folate and also provides manganese. Beetroot juice has alsoe been shown to help reduce blood pressure. Common recipes using beets include Borscht, beet salad, roasted beets, pickled beets and beet smoothies. The recipes in this area include beets as an ingredient, using both the root or the greens. All recipes include nutritional information to make meal planning easier.

Beet Recipes


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Beets Dijon

Recipe for Beets Dijon from our Side Dishes recipe section.

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